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What Are the Types of Cataracts?

Now you know the symptoms of cataracts and how to identify them. Let’s learn about the different types of cataracts. There are a few different types of cataracts, and they don’t all relate to getting old. While that is usually the main cause of cataracts in the majority of people, it doesn’t have to be. There are several other reasons that you may have cataracts as well.

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What Are Cataracts?

Cataracts happen when proteins in the eye get really close together and cloud your vision. Cataracts make it harder to see at night, leave you with halos around objects, and may make it harder to differentiate between colors and distances as well. Unfortunately, cataracts aren’t curable, they can only be removed.

Surgery for cataracts is an extremely common surgical procedure, and there’s no need to worry about it. There are many surgeons, probably even many in your area, who train in cataract removal. But what about types of cataracts?

What Are the Types of Cataracts?

Not all cataracts are due to aging. While this is the main cause as the eyes age and gather more proteins, it isn’t always the case. Sometimes you are born with cataracts! Let’s find out a few of the different types of causes of cataracts.

    • congenital cataracts types of cataractsNuclear Cataract: A nuclear cataract is that which is usually related to aging. This cataract takes shape deep in the center of the eye. It is one of the more common types of cataracts.
    • Secondary Cataract: Unfortunately, sometimes after surgery on the eye, cataracts forms. This could be after cataract surgery. However, this is quickly taken care of by your doctor.
    • Congenital Cataract: A congenital cataract is one you are born with. It passes in your genes to you by your parents. Sometimes, these cataracts won’t affect vision. If they do, they need removal so they do not cause later problems. If the baby develops cataracts on one or both eyes, these should be taken care of so that the eye can figure out how to work properly from birth.
    • Traumatic Cataracts: Sometimes after trauma, you can get a cataract as well. These may develop right away or they may even take a year or more to develop over time.
    • Cataracts due to the sun: Lastly, you may have cataracts due to the sun. This is especially true for those that are in the sun all day long like farmers and other outdoor workers. This can be an issue in our area of Illinois, as you can imagine.

Dr. Clifford Myers Eye Care Center is Your Local Cataract Expert

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of one of the types of cataracts, it’s time to give Dr. Clifford Myers a call. He will work with you to find out what’s going on through a comprehensive medical eye exam and/or consultation for ocular conditions. There’s no need to suffer, give Dr. Clifford Myers a call today.

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