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The Effects of Alcohol on Your Eyes This Holiday Season

During the holiday season, many people indulge in a few drinks while out with friends and family. This is a way to relax for many people. However, it can also have an effect on your eyes while you are drinking. If you’ve ever had an alcoholic drink, you probably know how it makes you feel. Sometimes you feel like you have blurry vision or that your are very tired all of a sudden. There are effects that relate to the tiredness, but there are also some distinct problems that occur with your eyes.

Dry Eyes

eye cataracts eye specialist, ophthalmologist peoria, il, eye doctor peoria, il, optical center, vision care center, eyeglasses, eye test, optometristOne way that alcohol can affect your eyes is by making your eyes drier. This happens because alcohol is secreted into your eyes and your tears. As we know, alcohol can make you very dehydrated when you drink it, and to counteract this, many people alternate with water while they’re drinking so that they will not have a headache in the morning. Think about it the same way with your eyes in terms of dryness. When the alcohol gets into your tears, you can have drier eyes because of that.

Reaction Time

No, not your physical reaction time while driving–although that is definitely impaired when you drink–but your pupil’s reaction time to light sources. When you are driving or even just turning on the lights in a room, you may find that your eyes have a hard time adjusting to sudden light. When you’re driving, you might see oncoming headlights. Usually, your eyes can quickly adjust and then you are able to see as well as you could before the light. However, when you’re drinking alcohol, you might notice that your eyes take longer to adjust after bright light. Always drink responsibly during the holiday season and have a designated driver or a car service or taxi to pick you up afterwards.

Twitching or Moving Eyes

winter eye care makeupSometimes when you drink a lot of alcohol you may also notice that your eyes are twitching. This isn’t actually your eye, but your eyelids which are twitching above your eye and causing that sensation. Caffeine and alcohol can both trigger this phenomena which you probably have experienced after pulling an all-nighter or drinking a lot.

Stay Safe This Holiday Season

This holiday season make sure to safely indulge if you choose to and always make sure to have a designated driver or a car service or taxi ready when you want to go home. There’s no shame in staying over at your family or friend’s house if you need to. If you do choose to drink, you might take notice of these eyesight phenomenons. When you need an appointment, call Dr. Clifford Myer’s office and get scheduled.

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