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Protect Your Eyes While Doing Yard Cleanup

It’s starting to look green outside, and that means that many people are starting to mow their lawns and clean up yard waste. This also means that we start to see an influx of eye injuries due to problems outdoors. However, all these eye problems can be avoided by taking simple steps to protect yourself. It might seem like a hassle at the time, but it will be even more of a hassle when you have to take time and spend money on eye appointments due to eye injuries. Let’s learn a few ways to protect your eyes outside.

Wear Safety Glasses or Goggles

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One of the best ways that you can protect your eyes in a multitude of situations is by wearing safety glasses or goggles. Unfortunately, your regular glasses will not protect you against flying debris so it’s best to stick with specifically designed safety glasses. Some problems you can avoid with safety glasses are getting dust and debris (like flying grass, metal pieces, wood, etc.) in your eyes, the sun in your eyes, or chemicals in your eyes. There are many different things outside which can hurt your eyes. This is why you should always wear safety glasses even when you’ve done the activity a million times. It only takes once to cause an eye injury.

Read Directions for Chemicals

When you are using chemicals like pesticides, it’s best to always read the label before using. This is not only helpful to find out the directions on how to use the product but also to see what to do in the case of it getting on your skin or in your eyes. This is important to see before it happens so that you can be prepared in the case of an emergency. Additionally, it will tell you how to most safely use the product, by keeping it pointed away from your face and skin at a safe distance. Do not mix different pesticides or cleaners. Once you have finished using pesticide, store it in a locked area so that children and the elderly cannot access it accidentally. Then, wash your hands thoroughly and shower off if necessary. Make sure NOT to rub your eyes or touch your hands to your mouth or nose when using pesticides. You can cause serious damage quickly. In the event of an emergency, call 911 and/or poison control and get help right away.

Keep Away From Blades and Remove Debris

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Lastly, make sure to keep children and yourself away from blades and any sharp objects used for gardening or lawn care. Before using a lawnmower, pick up sticks, twigs, rocks, and debris. Not only can these damage your machine, but they could fly into a window or onto you and injure you. This is especially true with metal shavings that can get into the eyes. Abrasions can come from this which take a while to heal and will need to be seen by an ophthalmologist.

Doing Gardening or Lawncare?

If you plan to do gardening or lawn care this spring, remember to keep in mind these safety tips. It’s better to be prepared and feel a little silly in your safety glasses than to risk an eye injury. If you are injured, please call 911 and get help immediately. When you need to schedule your next eye appointment, please call our office to schedule. Happy gardening!

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