how to encourage your child to wear glasses

How to Encourage Your Child to Wear Glasses

Many children are home for the holidays as schools have winter break. That means it’s time for winter festivities and holidays, but also all of those doctors, dentists, and eye appointments that are hard to schedule during the school year. This could mean that your child could end up with a new pair of glasses during winter break, and this can be hard to handle for some children. In this article, we’ll go over a few tips on how to get your child to feel better about having to wear glasses.

Show Your Child Positive Media of People Who Wear Glasses

glasses childThis might seem silly, but we are influenced a lot by the things that we see in movies, TV, books, and other media. Whether it’s a movie with a child wearing glasses, and you mention this to your child, or it’s a picture book with a main character that wears glasses, these images will begin to help your child understand that their favorite characters wear glasses too. If they can go on adventures, have friendships, and enjoy time at school and at home while wearing glasses, your child will realize that they can too. With some positive, and subtle, encouragement, this may be the only method that you need. However, if your child is still upset about glasses, there are some other options.

Let Your Child Pick Out Their Glasses

Sometimes when parents take children to the optometrist or ophthalmologist, they may not think of how the child might be feeling about the prospect of wearing glasses for the rest of their life. It can be a scary thought to a child! One great way to help them transition into wearing glasses is by making sure that they fit great and that your child loves the style. While you might wish to pick a pair that is more suitable to lots of occasions, your child may want their favorite color or a cool design. It’s okay to let them have what they want, especially for their first pair of glasses ever. They will be more likely to wear them if they like how they look and how they make them feel. As they grow a little older and realize glasses are usually around for a year or more, they may choose more subdued styles. In any case, try not to push a certain pair of glasses on your child if they don’t like them. They will not wear them.

Glasses are a Blessing in Disguise

glasses childYour child may be upset about having to wear glasses, but with time, they will grow used to wearing them. It may take awhile, and they may not wear them all the time like they need to. Remind your child to wear their glasses, but don’t be too hard on them if it takes awhile to adjust. Eventually, they’ll realize that not wearing glasses affects their ability to see the board at school, see while playing sports, and eventually see while driving. In the future, if your child feels ready, they may wish to consider contact lenses. This can be a great way to get them interested in wearing their glasses or contacts full time if they aren’t already.

Does Your Child Need Help Adjusting? Call Dr. Clifford Myers!

If your child is still having trouble adjusting and transitioning to wearing glasses, it might be time to bring in the experts. We have years of experience, and we’re happy to help find the right way to encourage your child to wear glasses. Contact us today!

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