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How Often Should I Change Contact Lenses?

It’s a question on many contact lenses wearers minds: how often should I change my contact lens solution? Maybe you’ve found yourself not changing it every day as you once did, and you want to know is it safe to, say, wait a…week? Two weeks? Longer? (Okay, we should all know you shouldn’t wait until the solution is murky!)

However, you may have questions about what the best health habits are when you wear contact lenses. Sometimes they aren’t explained to you in detail, and sometimes it is just assumed that you know best practice.

The best ways to stay healthy while wearing contact lenses are to change your contact lenses solution daily, open a new package of contact lenses as directed based on your prescription, and take care to not strain your eyes.

woman contact lensesContact Lens Solution

The big question, how often should you change your solution, answered! You should change your contact lens solution every single day. Why? The solution is there to disinfect your contact lenses and prevent eye infections and other issues. It’s also important to wash out your case every single day and make sure that is clean as well. We have probably all experienced the film that can build up on the case. The goal is to prevent this and make sure that you have the healthiest contact lenses that you possibly can.

What Happens If I Wait and Do Not Change the Solution?

Maybe nothing, but possibly big issues. When you do not change your contact solution, you are creating a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. These bacteria can get into your eyes and cause issues as minor as irritation and such major issues like infection. Infections can lead to even worse issues that could seriously compromise the health of your eyes and the quality of your vision.

Change Contact Lenses Often

It’s difficult to remember, but it’s very important to change your contact lenses as directed by your brand and prescription (and your doctor). Why? Changing your contact lenses is just another step in protecting yourself from bacteria that can cause issues as mentioned previously.

There’s also another way that changing your contact lenses as directed can help you. Have you ever noticed when you begin to get a little bit past the date you should’ve changed your contacts that it becomes harder to see? Or when you change your contact lenses and find that you can see better, all without a new prescription? This is because gunk from the eyes can build up on the contact lenses and the lenses can also wear thin over time and repeated use.

Changing your contact lenses as often as you need to will help relieve strain on the eyes.

contact lens hygiene contact lensesGeneral Hygiene Factors for Contact Lens Usage

Some other things you can do to help your overall contact lens hygiene:

    • Wash your hands before touching your eyes or your contact lenses.
    • Wash off your contact lenses before putting them back in the case or before putting them in your eyes.
    • Never use water or spit to wash off your contact lenses.
    • Never borrow contact lenses, and try not to sleep in them either.
    • Take out your contacts when you can and give your eyes a rest.

Your ophthalmologist will help you decide what the best course of action for any related health issues from poor hygiene. Always make an appointment at the first signs of trouble. Eye health should never wait because there can be serious consequences.

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