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Healthy Makeup Tips for Your Eyes

For many people, the act of putting on makeup in the morning is part of their daily routine and they may not think much about it past what colors they want to use. While colors, contours, brushes, and lashes are all important factors, your eye health should also be on your mind when you are applying eye makeup. In this blog, we’ll give a few tips on how to make sure that your eyes are happy and healthy whenever you wear makeup.

Tip #1: Wash Your Makeup Brushes

healthy makeup tips makeup brushesThis may seem like obvious advice, but for many people the thought of washing out their brushes doesn’t cross their mind unless they’ve mixed colors. Washing out your brushes is extremely important to make sure that you don’t get nasty bacteria in your eyes that could cause an infection. It may be a tedious task, but it is one of the most important to assuring your eyes stay healthy while you wear makeup.

You should wash out your makeup brushes used on your eyes at least every two weeks, but every week is okay as well. To do so, you can either buy a brush cleaner from a cosmetics store or drug store, or you can simply take a new bar of unscented soap and use that. To get your brushes really clean, twirl and rub them into either a bumpy board (try Google for this!) or your hand. This may take a few minutes, but afterwards you should have a brush that leaves no color behind on your hand. After they have been cleaned, leave your brushes out to dry on a paper towel or hand towel. Do not put them in a case or roll immediately, as they will not dry out and could form mold.

Tip #2: Never Share Your Makeup

You may have heard this as a child, but this is a very important factor in making sure your eyes stay healthy and infection free. You should never share your makeup with other people. You can get bacteria in your eyes and skin which could cause infection or even skin problems. The only circumstance in which it is okay to have a shared palette of makeup is if each person is using a new brush or disposable brush and they do not go back to the palette after it has been used on someone’s face. This is usually not plausible or possible, so the general rule is to have your own makeup and do not share it with other people.

Tip #3: Contact Wearers Should Be Extra Diligent with Cleaning

healthy makeup tipsIf you wear contacts and you also wear makeup, make sure that you are being extra diligent with cleaning your contact lenses to make sure that your lenses are bacteria, dirt, and makeup free when they go into your eyes. Best practice is usually to put them in before you begin doing your makeup, and try to avoid contact with a mascara wand or flaking powders that could obscure your vision. Some people like to switch to daily contact lenses if they wear a lot of makeup, as contacts will get hazier faster when a person wears makeup every day. If you wear glasses, you may have to clean your glasses a little more often due to mascara on the lenses or flaking eyeshadow or powder that could land on the lenses.

We hope these healthy makeup tips will help you to make good decisions about your eye health when you wear makeup. If you have more questions or you need to schedule an appointment, it’s time to call Dr. Clifford Myers, MD. We offer comprehensive eye exams and consultations and we have a wide array of contact lenses and eyeglasses frames. Contact us today for more information and to get your appointment scheduled.

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