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Each patient will have a face-to-face consultation with Dr. Myers to provide tailored service for eye or vision related side effects of other illnesses, periodic eye exam to detect complications of diabetes, high blood pressure, rheumatoid disease, or medication side effects, and general eye and vision related issues such as dry eyes, red eyes, discomfort, and other issues. Findings will be reported to primary doctors and other specialists involved in the patient's treatment. We try to make this experience personal and we want you to feel like you are being treated like family. The doctor uses paper charts, looks the patient in the eye, and is not turned around typing in front of a computer during consultation. All patients see the actual doctor, not a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. This is a big benefit from other doctors in the area.

Many medical diseases can cause side effects to the eyes or vision.  Some diseases can even be first detected in a complete eye examination/eye test by an MD eye specialist.  Your primary doctor or specialist may recommend careful periodic eye examinations to detect complications of diabetes, high blood pressure, rheumatoid diseases, or medications that you may take for other diseases. Our office is fully equipped and happy to provide this service for you and your physician.  A report to your doctor will usually be forwarded as is necessary or requested.

If this sounds like something that you need, it's time to give Dr. Clifford Myers, MD Eye Care Center a call! We are happy to get you set up with an appointment and get you on your way to healthier eyes.

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