Choose the Right Sunglasses for Spring

Choose the Right Sunglasses for Spring

For many people, the relief from the cold of winter brings them out of their heavy winter clothes and into shorts and t-shirts. However, the sun shining means that there are risks to your eyes. Even during the winter when sunlight reflects off the snow it can be a serious risk to your eyes. One way to combat this is with sunglasses. While some may find sunglasses a nuisance, they’re an important factor in protecting your eyes while you’re outside. Here are some tips about how to pick the right sunglasses for you for spring.

Go for 100% UV Protection

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When you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses, the most important thing to you may seem like the style. The look of your sunglasses may be important in its own way, but the real reason to wear sunglasses is so that they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. If you’re looking at sunglasses, you should look on the lenses or the arm for a sticker or tag that says they offer 100% UV protection. They may also say polarized, but this does not offer greater protection against UV rays. It merely cuts glare so that you can see a little bit better.

Prescription Sunglasses Exist

Wear glasses and think that you can’t wear sunglasses? Think again! Prescription sunglasses are available that make it possible to have the right prescription for your vision without contacts while wearing your sunglasses. These come in many different styles, and Dr. Clifford Myers offers this product in our office. Ask your doctor what you can do to protect your eyesight during the warm summer months, and if prescription sunglasses are an option for you. Contact Dr. Clifford Myers office for more information about our selection of prescription sunglasses.

Transition Lenses

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If you would prefer not to switch back and forth between your regular glasses and prescription sunglasses and want all-day protection, try transition lenses. Transition lenses are your regular lenses that will transition into sunglasses (darken) when you go into the sunlight. They will then protect your eyes from 100% of UV rays. This is full protection, and you didn’t even have to switch into your prescription sunglasses! Transition lenses can be a great option for people who work outside frequently or go from indoors to out frequently. In this way, you’ll know your eyes are protected but won’t have to worry about bringing an extra pair of sunglasses.

Interested in Prescription Sunglasses?

Contact Dr. Clifford Myers’ office for more information on how to get your own pair. Make an appointment with us, and we’ll get you on your way to protected eyes this spring. There are many frames to choose from, and we’ll make sure you have the best fit for your eyes. Whether it’s regular sunglasses and contacts, transition lenses, or prescription sunglasses.

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