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Can Your Child See the Board at School?

When children are in school, they may have no frame of reference to realize that their vision is not how it should be. If it is slowly getting worse so that they can’t see the board, and they’re not having yearly eye exams, there can be a major problem. But what if your child doesn’t say anything? How are you supposed to know that they are having problems with their eyes if they don’t even know that’s what’s happening? Let’s look at a few ways that you can find out.

child at desk eyeglassesSuddenly Falling Behind and Not Understanding Material

If your child is suddenly falling behind in classes and comes home not understanding what really went on, there may be an issue with their eyes. While it may also come from anther cause, like a learning disability, it could be as simple as needing a pair of glasses to be able to see the board in class. If you notice that your child is suddenly falling behind, it’s time to call your child’s teacher or the administration and see what they have noticed. Then, it’s time to talk with your child and ask a few questions to find out if it’s a need for better vision or something else.

Speak with Teachers at Parent-Teacher Conferences

The next tool in your arsenal is, as previously mentioned, to speak with your child’s teacher(s). Doing this will give you an idea if your child’s behavior has gradually changed over time and what this might be due to. If they seem to be talking with friends more instead of looking at the board, if they’re placed in the back of the room or the front of the room, or if they doodle more than they pay attention, you may be facing a problem with vision rather than behavior or learning ability.

Annual Comprehensive Eye Exams for Your Child

child vision eyeglassesWhile it seems simple, it can be difficult to make it happen with busy schedules and the fast pace of life. However, when you have begun to suspect that your child is having problems with their vision, you need to make time for an eye exam. If you wear glasses now, think back to when you first got them and how hard it was to see before that. Your child should not have to squint to see things or lose attention quickly in class because they can’t see what is being written. Schedule an eye appointment today if you suspect that your child is having vision problems and help them see, learn, and thrive.

Dr. Clifford Myers, MD is an ophthalmologist with over 30 years of experience who is aided by highly skilled staff. All new patients are examined by the doctor, not just a nurse, and have the opportunity to ask questions about any eye problems they are experiencing. Our goal is to deliver a compassionate environment and individualized eye care. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and find out if your child needs glasses.

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