Advice for Wearing Contacts for the First Time

If you’ve worn glasses your entire life, but you’re considering the switch to occasional or full time contacts you may be a little anxious about how it will go. That’s totally normal! Everyone gets nervous about new experiences in life, but contacts are not something to get too anxious about. In this article, we’ll give advice for wearing contacts for the first time.

woman contact lensesDon’t Be Afraid to Put Your Finger Near Your Eye

Many people are afraid of putting their fingers near or on their eye because they think they might scratch their eye. Nine times out of ten, this is not going to happen. To prevent this, trim your nails regularly and do not put on contacts if you have false nails. Always wash your hands before touching your contacts or your eyes. Put the contact onto the tip of your index or middle finger, and then gently pull open your eye. Push the contact softly onto your eye, and then hold it there a moment before blinking. It should not fall out of your eye. Additionally, your contact cannot get lost behind your eye. Your eyelid and eye connect, so there is nowhere for the contact to go.

Good Hygiene is Extremely Important

When you wear contacts, you have to take more care with your eye hygiene than with glasses. Contact lense solution should be changed out every morning, and your contact lenses case should be left upside down on a paper towel to dry while you wear them. Never reuse solution and never use water or spit as a solution. This introduces bacteria to your eyes, and water will make your eyes feel like they’re burning as well. Use only the prescribed solution. Only wear your contacts for the amount of time you are told, don’t try to stretch it out. If your doctor says two weeks, wear them two weeks–not a month. If you don’t think you can keep up with the hygiene regimen, try asking about daily disposable contacts.

eye exam cataracts eye specialist, ophthalmologist peoria, il, eye doctor peoria, il, optical center, vision care center, eyeglasses, eye test, optometristIt Takes Time

Lastly, do not worry if you can’t get it right on the first try, or the second try, or even the tenth try. It may even take you a month or two to really get the hang of quickly putting in and taking out your contact lenses. This is no fault of your own, it just takes time to get used to new things. Many people say that taking them out is harder than getting them in the first few times, so keep this in mind and don’t panic. If you’ve tried a few times and can’t get it, take a break and relax before trying again. Your eyes will become irritated and make it even harder for you to get it out. Take a few moments and gather yourself. You can do it, it just might take a few moments.

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